Die beste Thai Massage in Heyerode

The Thai massage has its origins in Ayurvedic medicine and is a traditional massage technique that was developed in Thailand. The services are much more extensive than the concept we generally understand as massage in Western culture and are able to promote the health of the body in a holistic way. Thanks to the excellent results achieved with this type of massage, the Far Eastern technique is now also popular in Germany. So it’s no wonder that you can now get an excellent Thai massage in 99988 Heyerode, located in the Unstrut-Hainich district.

Who is Thai massage suitable for?

As a holistic approach, Thai massage is generally suitable for everyone. The gentle movement sequence makes it an excellent therapy, especially for older people and people with tension and movement restrictions. Many illnesses that are caused by stress, such as sleep disorders or burnout syndrome, can be treated with traditional Thai massage.

It has been proven that Thai massage is also effective for circulatory and circulatory disorders and has a blood pressure balancing effect. Massage is also often used on patients with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis or after a stroke and can provide patients with relief. Patients with migraines or digestive disorders also report significant improvement in their symptoms. Most people find a Thai massage to be a relaxing treat that leaves you feeling like a new person. Rare to find in Heyerode a few years ago, there is now a massage studio in almost every town in Thuringia.

This is how the Thai massage works

If you want to achieve the optimal effect with the Thai massage, it should be tailored individually to the person. This requires a conversation with the patient during the first visit, during which a complete anamnesis is taken. A massage plan is then drawn up, the sequence of movements of which is based on the needs of the patient.
For many patients it is surprising that the massage is carried out fully clothed. This allows the masseur to have a firmer grip than would be possible on bare skin treated with massage oil. This is not carried out on a massage table, as is usual with other massages, but rather takes place on a traditional mat on the floor. The massage recipient and masseur are on the same level, allowing the masseur to use their body weight to apply pressure and transfer energy.
In the traditional version it lasts between 2 and 2 ½ hours. During this time, both the masseur and the person being massaged are completely concentrated and are in an almost meditative state of deep relaxation.
During the Thai massage, the techniques of so-called passive yoga are used, in which the masseur brings the patient into the individual yoga positions with great care. Various energy points in the body are activated. The whole body is activated and in some cases a herbal stamp is also used. Treatment with herbal packs can also be used if the medical history indicates this.

These are the advantages

A Thai massage can free the patient from physical blockages that lead to tension and other illnesses. This massage has a therapeutic effect when health problems have already begun and preventatively in healthy people. In addition to the physical benefit, mental blockages can also be resolved. That’s why the treatment is called holistic and can bring about harmony between mind and body.
The human body has a number of self-healing and regeneration processes that are often disrupted in our modern lives. These functions can be activated through Thai massage, so that many patients generally find themselves in better health and ultimately enjoy a higher quality of life when they enjoy the massages regularly.
The numerous positive effects have been proven today and it is a form of therapy on an equal footing with conventional medicine. It is therefore worth trying out such a massage in Heyerode yourself.


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